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Anne's Flower Web
Anne and Peter will have more kinds of flowers than ever this year, and more of them! April brings daffodils, tulips and mixed spring bouquets, followed by the fragrant lilacs of May.
Bainbridge Island Hare Raisers 4-H Club
These 4H-ers, ranging in age from 7 to 17, are getting serious about growing things. Stop by and see what is for sale and ask them about their experiences. They are VERY excited!
Butler Greens Farms
Brian and Amy come each week with a plethora of fruits and veggies (apples to zucchini), eggs, and flowers.
Central Valley Nursery
Kim brings a colorful and affordable selection of homegrown plants, perennials, and ornamental grasses, with something new every week.
Coyote Farms
Jazz up your spring menu with Ilgvar and Shasta’s eclectic selection of roots, mushrooms (shiitake and others), and freshly squeezed organic juices.
Footloose Farms
Darrah Cole is back with organic vegetable starts and fresh produce. Watch for leeks, purple sprouting broccoli, sorrel and early greens. Her seedling selection includes spinach, lettuces, dinosaur kale, chard and cabbages.
Herban Gardens
Monica Phillips will start the season with potted herbs including rosemary, chive and parsley plants. Her stand overflows with dried herbs, herbal vinegars, her great fresh salsa, jalapeno jams and fruit jams.
Iron Horse Farm
Put some spring in your diet with Tom and Brenda’s selection of greens, fresh eggs, radishes, and beets.
Island Grown Farms
Ever-bearing strawberries are Danny's delight (and ours); look, too, for vegetables, flowers, and his own "man-made" strawberry jam.
Laughing Crow Farm
Betsey and her draft horse, Samantha, grow more varieties of potatoes, onions, and garlic than we knew existed.
Leapfrog Farm
Stop by for a relaxing onsite massage, and peruse Christine and Andrzej’s selection of fresh organic greens, flower and vegetable starts. Choose spring flowers like Cerinthe or the delicate Blue Lace flower.
Ocean Sky Farm
Back at the market this year with their handcrafted herbal soaps and body care products. They’ll offer old favorites as well as some exciting new products. Check out Suzy and Art’s specials basket each week.
Octopus Garden Honey
Paul and Susan Hosticka have pure, natural honey, beeswax and other treats from their apiary. Try all three of their separate local floral source honeys. Truly wonderful, and just as their bees made it.
Persephone Farms
A tempting array of unusual veggies; greens, leeks, squash and much more. Plus fresh greens, beautiful bouquets, and Soil Soup for your garden.
Stoney Acre Farm
Laurie and Richard Salinsky always have a great selection of nursery starts, perennials and cut flowers.
Sundown Ridge Farm
Fresh free-range eggs every week. Look here for greens, root crops, artichokes, asparagus, and peas. Or choose from their farm-made jams and baked goods, northwest native groundcovers, bulbs, and starts.