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Cosmic Cottage
Laurie's sensual body care and bath products are beautifully crafted and packaged; her candles elegant mood-setters, blackout or no.
Centerpiece Jewelry
An avid bead collector, Nancy has turned a hobby into a body adornment business.
D&G; Beads
Diana Buckles strings together natural materials like stones, pearls, shells and precious metals on silk thread to create her beautiful selection of unique, handmade jewelry.
Garden Gifts
Patti and Val are sisters who cook, bake, sew, weave, and more to fill their booth with candles and cookbooks, linens, dolls, and a scrumptious selection of cakes and breads.
Gayle Bair Pottery
This multi-talented artist offers an array of pottery, paintings, garden art, as well as ceramic buttons to jazz up a wardrobe.
La Dolce Vita
Authentic Italian baked goods, including fresh biscotti, fruit and chocolate tarts, and more.
Port Madison Dairy
PM Dairy's delicious goat cheeses and yogurt are in high-demand; often people with lactose intolerance can enjoy goat dairy products.
Raquel's Mosaic Creations
Raquel revels in mosaics, creating garden ornaments and stepping stones.
Rolling Bay Inspirations
Cheryl serves up a hard-to-make choice of chutneys, conserves and preserves, sauces, marinades and rubs, jams and jellies, fresh-squeezed juices and baked goods.
Janice Runyan
A local landscape designer, Janice sells flowers and perfectly potted plants.
Holly Clark creates exquisite fleece jackets and hats using original designs and luscious colors and prints.
Rose of Sharon's
Beautiful dried flower arrangements and wreaths.