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Our Vendors Non Profits

Non Profits

Kitsap County Hazardous Waste

Tips on hazardous waste disposal

Bainbridge Island Rowing Club

Bainbridge Island based non-profit organization

Natural Landscapes Project

Bainbridge Island based non-profit organization

Kitsap Noxious Weeds

Kitsap county non-profit organization

Squeeky Wheels

Bainbridge-Island based non-profit organization

Sustainable Bainbridge - Non-Profit Organization

Sustainable Bainbridge supports cooperation and collaboration among a broad-based network of local organizations, businesses, government   and individuals to protect and strengthen our community's economic, social and environmental sustainability for current and future generations.

We accomplish this by educating, inspiring and engaging the community in a wide range of projects focused on increased community resiliency.

Bainbridge Island 4-H Club - Produce, Plants, Non-Profit Organization

Our 4-H Club is based on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Our club will meet once a month during the 4-H year (October through September) while individual projects meet on their own schedule.

Our club offers the following projects: rabbits, cavies (guinea pigs), dogs, poultry, goats, needle arts, sewing, food preservation/cooking, and gardening. Our 4-H members also do some projects independently, such as expressive arts and leadership.

There are other clubs in our county that offer archery, photography, and horse projects. 4-H members learn organizational skills, public speaking skills, leadership, animal care and gain friendships with children of all age levels.

Members may participate in the Kitsap County Fair and, when they qualify, the Washington State Fair, as well as attend 4-H Twin Lakes Camp in Mason County in July. We are an all volunteer organization and greatly appreciate the help from parents to make our events run smoothly.

Friends of the Farms - Non-Profit Organization

Friends of the Farms is a non-profit organization based on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Our mission is to perserve and enhance local farming. We love our farms and farmers.

We believe having farms close by adds immeasurably to our quality of life: delicious healthy food, beautiful farmscapes, a more vibrant local economy and a greater degree of sustainability.



Market Scene

  • Rolling Bay Inspirations
    Rolling Bay Inspirations
  • Ranger & Re-arrangers
    Ranger & Re-arrangers
  • Unity Gardens
    Unity Gardens
  • Port Madison Farm
    Port Madison Farm
  • fstop Cafe
    fstop Cafe
  • Paulson Farm
    Paulson Farm
  • Eagle Harbor Home Spun
    Eagle Harbor Home Spun

Market News

Market Location

Summer Market
Town Square at City Hall Park
Saturdays April -October
9AM - 1PM

Winter Market
Eagle Harbor Congregational Church
Saturdays Mid-November - Mid-December
10AM - 3PM
Map & Directions

Market Social