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Our Vendors Specialty Foods Viking Feast Ice Cream

Viking Feast Ice Cream

Fresh and made with lots of local ingredients. Try flavors such as Dark Elf Delight, Saga's Wild Strawberry, Whiteout, Orange cream and Lemon Meringue and you'll quickly learn what the buzz is all about!


What's Fresh

Saturday September 8

THE MARKET IS OPEN UNTIL 1pm, the extended hours of the summer have ended for this season.

Fresh Albacore Tuna is Here!

Sweet Corn is here!  Peppers, Tomatoes, Melons, and More! 

Also coming on strong are:  cantaloupe, zucchini, other summer squashes, green beans, garlic, spinach, potatoes, kale, sugar peas, salad mixes, carrots, beets, and more!

Blended right in to our market are a group of wonderful craft vendors. We've got garden art, wooden bowls, ceramic art, glass, metal sculpture, fleece clothing, kids dresses, garden shrines, soaps, and lotions.

Enjoy the FREE live music this weekend!  Bring the family for a picnic in the grass. We've got lots of great fresh food prepared on-site! Enjoy Clara's Wok, BI BBQ, F-Stop Cafe, Emmy's Veg House, and more.

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Market Scene

  • Paulson Farm
    Paulson Farm
  • Rolling Bay Inspirations
    Rolling Bay Inspirations
  • Port Madison Farm
    Port Madison Farm
  • Ranger & Re-arrangers
    Ranger & Re-arrangers
  • Eagle Harbor Home Spun
    Eagle Harbor Home Spun
  • Unity Gardens
    Unity Gardens
  • fstop Cafe
    fstop Cafe

Market News

Market Location

Summer Market
Town Square at City Hall Park
Saturdays April -October
9AM - 1PM

Winter Market
Eagle Harbor Congregational Church
Saturdays Mid-November - Mid-December
10AM - 3PM
Map & Directions

Market Social